This rangefinder 1955 is essentially a IIIc with the addition of flash synchronization (f stands for flash). Leica IIIf RDST (Red Dial, Self Timer) is a late variation of the IIIf with a self timer added, otherwise identical to a IIIf RD.This example has a wide angle Summaron 35 with its FOOKH hood..The last frame shows the red dial numbers.

two filters for B & W film and Canon 35 mm finder on top

DBP Deutches Bundes Patent (Deutches Federal Patent) postwar, West Germany patent GMBH Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (Limited Liability Company)


flash synchronizer
with Leica OKARO orange rangefinder filter slip on. 1950 Elmar 5 lens and Leica shade FISON marked Elmar 5 cm.
the magnified rangefinder and the viewfinder are two separate windows. You look through one to focus, and move your eye to the other to compose and shoot.
red synchronizer contact numbers around the shutter dial










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