Fujifilm GA645 Professional

The Fuji GA645 series is an entire family of fixed-lens autofocus cameras that's an extension of the previous GS folding-lens manual-focus cameras. The "6x4.5" negative is actually about 56mm by 41mm, making it small by medium format standards but still two-and-a-half times the surface area of a 35mm negative. That's definitely bigger-enough to show a quality improvement over 135 film, and makes the negatives easier to scan and more forgiving to deal with. Used properly, the 645 format gives just as much usable image as a cropped 6x6 frame, with the advantage of having a few extra exposures per roll.

Fujinon Super-EBC f=60mm (about 37 mm on 35 format) 1:4, 6 components, 7 elements.
120/220 film, 6x4,5cm 15 or 30 exposures
Hybrid active/passive auto-focus, focus lock and manual zone focus.
Program, aperture-priority and manual mode.
Shutter speed 2" - 1/700
Exposure compensation +/- 2 EV.
Bright viewfinder with automatic parallax correction.
Auto-loading whit film sensing.
Automatic 120/220 switchover.
Data printing outside the frame, date/time/shutter speed/aperture/exposure compensation.
Built-in pop-up fill flash (GN 12).
815g without batteries.

52 mm Ø filter
compared with Leica M serie
certainly itsn't a pocket camera but folded fits in a coat pocket
fully extended
camera vertical to shoot horizontal pictures
flash head
with original rubber lens hood 52 mm Ø
selecting dial, lock release button, data, self-timer and flash




2 X 3 v. Lithium batteries CR123A
film reminder slot
left to right: hot-shoe, Liquid Crystal Display, autofocus
button, up/down dial and exposure compensation button
excellent 60 mm lens (37 mm on 35 mm format)
left to right: finder eyepiece, selecting dial, lock release
button, data, self-timer and flash buttons.
camera horizontal to shoot vertical pictures
finder light intake window and finder window (also serves as
an AE light receptor)
tripod socket




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