Canon F-1n
An F-1 with a few improvements. The film advance winding stroke was reduced from 180 to 139. And the film advance lever's ready position was widened from 15 to 30. This made film advance faster. The film advance lever also had a new plastic tip. The film speed range was also increased from ISO 2000 to ISO 3200. The PC terminal had a fastener to prevent the PC cord from disconnection. In all, thirteen improvements over the old F-1 were made.
I had this professional camera for many years, giving me a lot of pleasure and good earnings when I was on Press business. I finally sold it a couple of years ago.
With the MF motor drive the unit made a powerful gun able to break any head. She never had any trouble and never needed mechanical service.

the pictures whre shot with Canon FDn 28. Canon FDn 50, zoom FDn 70-210 and a FDn 400


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