Canon P
The "P" for "Populaire" may have been an ironic name for this exclusive-looking camera. By omitting the three-mode optical viewfinder, the price could be lowered. The viewfinder magnification was fixed at 1x for the 35mm lens. Reflective frames for 50mm and 100mm lenses were inscribed for automatic parallax correction. The parallax correction pin on the accessory shoe featured in other V-series cameras was gone.This camera targeted people who used lens focal lengths from 35mm to 100mm. The compromise in price and features worked well to boost sales to almost 100,000 units. (Canon Camera Museum)


wit Canon 50 f:1.8 Leica screw mount lens
Leica screw mount lens (39 mm)
black soft release button on top and film reminder at the back
ISO 200 for color in the film reminder only
unscrewed soft release button
we'll need to attach a visor for 135 telephoto lens due that de Canon P only has 35, 50 and 100 fields frames in the viewfinder
P stands for "Populaire"


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